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Club Lotus

Club Lotus News Online Magazine Issue 3 July 2011


Not content with repeatedly pushing pump prices to ever higher levels regardless of whether wholesale prices are rising or falling, oil companies have been further boosting profits by messing around with the formula of the fuel we buy. In the past we’ve had reports of petrol having a lower octane rating than that advertised on the pump and now we learn that up to 10% Ethanol is being legally added to certain brands. Now this isn’t a problem for modern cars but research shows that Ethanol causes damage to older fuel systems. We’ve investigated this and whilst there’s still some uncertainty how rapidly damage can occur, the facts about the current situation and how best to combat it are on page 24.



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CLN Issue 3 July 2011 - Contents

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011