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Dutch Drive

CLN Issue : 3 2011

Date 1st Published : Saturday, 23 July 2011

The great thing about royal weddings is that they reduce the traffic on British roads, so our cruise from Darlington down to Dover on 29th April was completed in record time. The ferry trip passed quickly too and then it was just a short hop to our overnight stop outside Bruges. After a little bit of tourism (must spend more time in Bruges on the next trip if possible), the next leg of the journey took us across Belgium, looping around Antwerp and into the Netherlands to Beekbergen's Hotel de Smittenberg. With the aircon working hard in the blazing sun and me grumbling about fuel prices, we nearly missed the turn for the carpark, but the presence of a Pacific Blue Excel abandoned in the centre of the gravel was a sign that we had reached our destination for the weekend.



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CLN Issue 3 July 2011 - Contents

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011