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Gran Tourismo Europa

CLN Issue : 3 2011

Date 1st Published : Saturday, 23 July 2011
Back in early March 2010 you, like me, may have got an email message from Club HQ forwarding a request from Lotus Cars for a Mark 1 Lotus Europa to be the basis of a new car in the new version of the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo 5. I responded to Lotus Cars and someone from Sony quickly got in touch with me to check out how original my car was externally, internally and under the bonnet! Mine seemed to fit their requirements and was in classic Lotus Yellow which may have been the clincher! My son (who lived in Japan for some years) had always told me how the Japanese loved the early Europa and that many had been exported to Japan - that explained why they were flying a Sony and data capture team around the world to get some of the most loved cars from each region, the USA, the UK and Mainland Europe. They were also visiting the major circuits for data capture also - what a fantastic job!



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CLN Issue 3 July 2011 - Contents

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011