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CLN Issue : 3 2011

Date 1st Published : Saturday, 23 July 2011
We’ve recently had a number of calls from members regarding the effects of Ethanol in petrol and also what fuel additives are available so let’s take a closer look at the whole subject. You may already have heard about rising levels of Ethanol being added to UK pump petrol with typical concentrations of 5% and some brands rumoured to contain as high as 10%. UK biofuel labelling regulations require any blend containing more than 5% to be labelled as being ‘not suitable for all vehicles’ but there are doubts if these rules are always being followed. We know we have to find alternatives to fossil fuels but we also need to know the honest facts about them. So exactly what is Ethanol and why is it not good news for classic cars? Ethanol is essentially the same alcohol you’ll find in beer and wine but is specially treated for automotive use. It’s the most common biofuel and is primarily made from fermenting crops such as wheat or corn although it can also be produced synthetically.



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CLN Issue 3 July 2011 - Contents

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011

Club Lotus News Issue 3 2011