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Published - Tuesday, 8 March 2011

T04 Barcelona Day 1 Review

DRIVERS: Davide Valsecchi (am) / Luiz Razia (pm)


FASTEST LAPS: Valsecchi - 1.25.406 (lap 45) / Razia - 1.26.723 (lap 73)

T128 Barcelona Final Testing Day 1 2011

CHASSIS: T128-01



0902 - 0907:    Run 1, Installation, 2 laps
0907 - 0941:    System checks / Changes: brake blanking / front wing
0941 - 0956:    Run 2, 7 laps
0956 - 1011:    Change brake balance / brake blanking
1011 - 1028:    Run 3, 10 laps
1028 - 1043:    Cockpit adjustments
1043 - 1058:    Run 4, 9 laps
1058 - 1133:    Front wing adjustment
1133 - 1149:    Run 5, 9 laps
1149 - 1210:    Setup change
1210 - 1223:    Run 6, 8 laps
1223 - 1233:    Setup change
1233 - 1245:    Run 7, 7 laps
1246:               Off at T11 / T12 (no damage)

LUNCH:            Setup change for Luiz Razia


1429 -  1445:    Run 8, 8 laps
1445 -  1616:    Mechanical issue solved
1616 -  1635:    Run 9, 12 laps
1635 -  1644:    Setup change
1644 -  1658:    Run 10, 9 laps
End of session

DAVIDE VALSECCHI: 'First I want to thank Team Lotus for the opportunity to drive the car today. It was a great experience and one I want to build on with the team. To begin with it was obviously all new to me - new seat, more power, better brakes, the whole package, but by the end of the morning I was much more confident in the car and had the chance to push. By the time the morning session ended I think the team were pretty happy with how I performed so I can't really ask for more than that. It's definitely been a good day.'

LUIZ RAZIA: 'It was really good to get back into an F1 car and pretty much from the first laps I could feel that this car is a step forward from what I have driven before. Despite the delay this afternoon while the car was being fixed I'm pleased with how I performed. I know that with more running my times would have come down but today wasn't about setting fastest laps - it was about learning how to work with the team to the agreed plan and give feedback that helps the car and the team continue to develop.'

MIKE GASCOYNE, CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER: 'A pretty good first day of this fourth test. We managed to run through our whole programme with the two drivers and they both did an excellent job. Apart from one small spin for Davide at the end of his session neither of them made any mistakes and Luiz performed very well, despite his time in the car being slightly cut short due to a minor mechanical issue. I'm sure that he would have improved even further with more running and after having completed our plans for the day I want to thank both drivers for the work they have done in the car today.'


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