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Published - Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Elan M100 'A' Pillar seals still available

Elan M100

Good news for all Elan M100 owners with 'A' pillar water leaks. Lotus Cars have just taken delivery of a consignment of replacement rubber seals (part nos B100V0117F & 118F A Pillar Seals). 

These have been out of stock for some time so now's your chance to get hold of a pair. Even if your seals are in good condition it's worth buying a set for later on, especially as the price has been reduced from £122.33 each + vat (total £143.74) when last available in 2005, to just £63.82 + vat each (total £74.98).

This equals a bargain £150 per pair inc vat - half the original price!

Order now from your local main dealer. If they tell you they're not available just ask them to check with the factory.

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