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Published - Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Chris Arnold (Graham Arnold’s son) has been in discussions with the organisers of this historic carnival and suggested that they need something more to relate it back to the history of Hornsey. He has suggested adding to the parade a range of old Lotus cars to celebrate Hornsey as the birthplace of Lotus Cars and early home of Colin Chapman.

He is therefore looking for owners would like to drive in the parade in North London on Sat 4th July, 2-4pm. 
Ideally he’d love to get a Patrick McGoohan lookalike in a 7 and a Emma Peel lookalike in an Elan and would also like to have a range of other Lotus cars too.

Can you help? If so contact Jane at Club Lotus – 01362 691144 / 694459 or and she will give you Chris’ contact details.
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